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SEoS Trauma Network Newsletter

Issue 5

This edition provides an update on the ongoing work across the network as we progress towards implementation in 2021.

Download the full newsletter here.

Major Incidents with Mass Casualties – Bulletin Two

The second meeting of the STN Major Incidents with Mass Casualties (MI/MC) Group was on 30th April, and the bulletin can be found here.

STN Newsletter – issue one

Welcome to the first STN Newsletter.  In this first issue we aim to give a brief introduction to the network, a summary of our first event in January 2018 and a number of other key developments.  We hope you find this newsletter useful and informative.  If you have any stories you would like to share in future issues, please get in touch by emailing nss.scottrauma@nhs.net

The Trauma App


The innovative and novel app has been designed in collaboration with clinicians within the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow. The initial phases of Emergency Department (ED) care are critical to outcome and dependant on effective team working to deliver multiple often simultaneous critical interventions. New tools are required to integrate and align health care delivery within the complex systems within the ED. The development of the major trauma app will support clinicians to achieve three key aims:

1- Robust data collection to enable forensic analysis of clinical care processes
2- Cognitive aids to support and prompt clinicians during trauma care delivery
3- Provision of a reliable framework to deliver care aligned to the highest clinical standards to reduce variability

Daysix, the industry partner, has immersed themselves attending courses and simulation events developing a deep understanding of trauma care. NHS GG&C eHealth provided a critical role as the civic partner providing initial funding in conjunction with the Digital Health Institute, in addition to technical specialist advice and guidance on integration standards. Further funding secured from the STN will enable the app to be developed, integrated and deployed within the network. We are looking forward to demonstrating the impact of the app on clinical care by enhancing teams ability to deliver excellent care.

If you would like to find out more about the app, please contact David.Lowe@glasgow.ac.uk



Welcome to Alastair and Jeff, part of the new advanced paramedics team based out of the QEUH, Glasgow, which launched on Monday. A key part of the Scottish Trauma System.

Alastair and Jeff started with SAS in December 2017, with funding through the Scottish Trauma Network, they will provide support to paramedics answering more complex calls across the West of Scotland.  This pilot will test the benefit of having advanced paramedics, with the intention of rolling out teams across Scotland over the next few years.