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GESTS 2019

Since its inaugural launch in February 2014 GESTS has developed a growing following and an international reputation.

This two-day symposium brings together a range of nationally and internationally renowned expertise and focuses on key messages and practical tips in emergency surgery and trauma care.

The event is designed to concentrate the most insightful updates into a highly focused and well-structured programme with opportunities to ask key questions. GESTS will not only consolidate your existing knowledge, but give you access to expert opinion, topical debate and key updates. Delegate feedback has repeatedly praised the informal nature of the meeting, the short, focused, talks, the case based panel discussions, and the range of speakers.

GESTS 2018 was the fastest selling event to date and we expect 2019 to sell out even faster

All the GESTS’ trademarks will be retained including short, exciting and clinically-relevant presentations, ample opportunity to challenge the faculty during open and lively discussion, practical advice to get you and your patient out of trouble and several lifetimes’ experience distilled down to key take home messages. We look forward to seeing you in Glasgow in February 2019!

For further details, download the full event flyer, and to book check out the GESTS website.